Sight Support – Does what it says on the tin!

On September 1st this year, Vision West of England will change its operating name to Sight Support West of England. 
We will of course be writing to everyone to let them know about the formal change nearer the time, but we thought we'd start to spread the word.

 Why are we doing this?

Nobody likes a name change, and no organisation would choose to go through all of the hassle of changing its name unless it had a very good reason for doing so!

We believe we need to change as we have had so much feedback from our clients and supporters that the name ‘Vision West of England’ does not work well. It does not describe what we do, it is too long (and cannot easily be shortened), and it does not sound like a local charity – which is important to us, as we need people to know that we are a charity and need support!

Why ‘Sight Support’?

No name is ever perfect, or to everyone’s taste, but we went through a process of drawing up key criteria for the new name and considering a wide range of possible options.  Sight Support was the one name which stood out, meeting all of our criteria and receiving a positive reaction from staff, Board and crucially, the group of local visually impaired people who were consulted. 
Why now?

Vision West of England was launched in May 2018. We are still a young organisation, and as such, we are not yet as well known as we would like. If we are going to change to a name which works for us in the future, the sooner the better!
Aren’t name changes costly and a waste of money?

Not in our case.  We are lucky in that we have very little stationary or merchandise with our name printed on it, so the costs of change will be very low – we estimate the whole change will cost us less than £1000. We will continue to use any leaflets or fliers that are already printed before printing new ones, and changes to our website etc can be done inhouse.

We also believe that our new name will work much better for local fundraising events and campaigns, so in the long run will have a very positive impact on our ability to raise money to fund our work.  This is one of the key reasons for change.

Watch this space!

Sight Support provides local services for people living with sight loss across Bristol, Bath & North-East Somerset and South Gloucestershire and in Wiltshire under the banner of Wiltshire Sight. Sight Support is a UK registered charity no. 1178384.
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