Virtual Yoga Taster Session for Blind and Visually Impaired People.

Wednesday 9th June 7pm  - 8.15pm

We are delighted to be able to bring you this free introduction to yoga session with experienced tutor Gary Osborn-Clarke. Read more from Gary about the session and Gary below.

I teach my yoga classes in a way that reduces the need to look at the screen. I have my eyes on you, and use spoken instructions to guide you. I currently teach general public online classes and one of my regulars is Jenny who is blind. She suggested that my style would suit blind and visually impaired people.

This is what she says about my classes:

“Although totally blind I have now attended Gary‘s yoga class for about 10 years. I first started yoga when I was first blind 26 years ago thinking I would not be able to do it as not very flexible. However, all yoga instructors advise it is not the flexibility it is what your body allows and feels comfortable with.

“I hesitated at first doing the Zoom classes feeling they wouldn’t be described as much as I would need. On reflection I regretted I had not joined earlier!

“Gary has adjusted make sure he watches his students and make sure they are in position correctly by verbally describing exactly where their feet, arms or body should actually be within the postures.  I do chuckle when I’ve got it right and the sighted people have to be corrected by him.”

This taster class will be suitable for ALL levels of experience, including beginners. The class will be an introduction, to yoga, to myself and an opportunity for to meet Gary.

Gary tells us about himself: 
I have been teaching yoga more than 18 years and practising 26 years.
Before the pandemic I was teaching full-time in Bristol and North Somerset, including general public classes, corporate (staff classes in their offices) and private lessons. More details about myself can be found on my website: 

What do you need for the class:
All you need is space on the floor to practice, imagine lying down stretched out, this is the space we will use. Position your camera (phone, tablet etc) so that Gary can see you clearly, sitting on a yoga mat or floor, ideally sideways to camera.
If you need help with this, when we start Gary  will help you with this so do not worry now. If there is someone else there, they can position camera of device while you sit on the mat (or floor if no mat).

If you have a yoga mat or an exercise mat (one that has grip, not shiny slippery) please use it. If no mat, a carpet, or rug with some grip will be ok. Wear clothing suitable for exercise, and something warm to wear at the end. Bare feet, no socks and avoid eating just before the class.

If you like the class and want to continue afterwards you could join one of Gary’s general public classes,
If there is enough interest, Gary has said he would be happy to set up a class just for blind and partially sighted people.
If you would like to find out more about Yoga, Gary or his classes, his details are as follows:

Gary Osborn-Clarke


Mobile: 07899034645

 If you would like to join this free taster session, please email[email protected]

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