Note for users of Screen Readers

We are aware that some screen readers experience difficulties when using the Google ‘I’m not a Robot’ tick box below. This seems to be an issue if you use JAWS screen reader with Microsoft Internet Explorer, however there does not seem to be any issue if you use Google Chrome.  If you do use Internet Explorer then the following work around should resolve the issue:

  • After entering in your information, navigate down to the ‘I’m not a Robot’ tick box. 
  • Press spacebar or Enter when you are on the tick box.  Please be aware that JAWS will not indicate whether the tick box has been ticked or not.
  • Use Insert or the JAWS Key with F5 to bring up a list of all the form fields on this page. 
  • Navigate down to the ‘Get and Audio Challenge’ and press enter.  This will then take you to the Audio button.  
  • Press spacebar or Enter to activate the button and then press the spacebar again to hear the Audio Challenge and follow the instructions as required.

If you are still having issues with using the subscription form, please do email [email protected] and we will be happy to enter your details into our email newsletter database for you.

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Sight Support provides local services for people living with sight loss across Bristol, Bath & North-East Somerset and South Gloucestershire and in Wiltshire under the banner of Wiltshire Sight. Sight Support is a UK registered charity no. 1178384.
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