Tips and Tricks for Reading and Writing

Ten quick tips for reading and writing. From magnifiers and lighting, to audiobooks, writing guides and large print calendars.

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Reading and writing can pose a challenge when experiencing sight loss. We have ten tips to help you overcome some of the most common issues faced.

        1. Magnifiers can be helpful when reading. Optical magnification will increase the text size but not necessarily the clarity, you can choose a magnifier with an added daylight bulb or you can go hi tech with an electronic magnifier that will change contrast and colours. The starting point to getting the right strength magnification is the low vision assessment, if you contact us we can advise you how to get one.
        2. A Pebble hand held magnifier is being held and is magnifying a Wiltshire sight document.
        3. Audio books are available from Wiltshire Sight, we have a growing catalogue and will loan you the audio discs free of charge. Large print and talking books are also available from local libraries and national charities like Calibre and RNIB.  There are also local and national talking newspapers and a range of magazines, some are free, some require subscription. Digital options are also available.
        4. Keeping reading and writing material flat and stable can be helped by using a clipboard and allows you to move items to where is best for you.
        5. Consider changing your Biro to a darker and thicker type of pen.
        6. When writing shopping lists, cards and signing forms there are a range of writing guides which can help to keep writing straight. There is also thick lined paper available.
        7. An address guide, a black plastic stencil with 5 lines to allow straight writing of name and address.
        8. If making notes for yourself, use larger sheets of paper and write as large as you need, if this helps.
        9. A range of large print calendars, diaries and address books are available from a variety of suppliers, we have a small stock in our Devizes resource centre and you can purchase one over the phone.
        10. If you have trouble following lines when reading or have issues with glare, then reading guides (Typoscopes) can help and come in a range of sizes for different page sizes.
        11. Most companies offer their print information in alternative format such as large print. Each company would need to be contacted to set this up.
        12. Last but not least, using additional lighting such as desk lamps can help with reading and writing tasks.  Desk lighting comes in various shapes and sizes with a range of fittings and types of illumination and the right one for you depends on your preference and your eye condition. We have a selection in our resource centres for you to try out before you commit to buying, along with most of the other aids mentioned in our tips and tricks section.

If you would like more information on any of these tips and tricks, our Community Sight Loss Advisors are always happy to help.

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