Our Impact

Read about some of our achievements over the past year!

One of our aims when we formed the partnership between Wiltshire Sight and Sight Support in 2018, was to ensure that our services had real impact and resulted in positive changes to the lives of people living with sight loss.  As well as developing high quality services, we needed to find ways to measure the outcomes of our work.  This would also ensure people had a way to provide feedback to help us continually improve services.

The last year has been far from normal as we all got to grips with the onset of the pandemic.  Yet the impact report below shows some of the ways we still made a difference over the year.  If you would prefer a text-only version of the report, or to download a PDF file, you can find links below to do this.  You can also find a link to the previous year’s impact report.

Sight Support and WIltshire SIght Impact Report 20/21

Read the Impact Report in large plain text

Download the Impact report on a PDF file

Download our 2019/2020 Impact Report