Tips and Tricks in the Garden

Whether you have a small window box or space to create flower beds, you may find some of these tips helpful to stay independent in the garden.

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We would like to share some of our top tips for gardening. Gardening is a great way to keep active and over the last year many of us have become gardening enthusiasts! Whether you have a small window box or space to create flower beds, you may find some of these tips helpful to stay independent in the garden.

A coloured drawing of a variety of plants and flowers in pots. There is also a rake amidst the plants.

      1. Organising your storage areas can help with locating tools and other items. Tools with coloured handles and brightly-coloured items may help. Marking items with large labels and storing in containers helps with identification.
      2. Gather all the tools you need before starting to avoid trips back and forth. Using a bucket for example can help keep items together while you are working.
      3. If you need to prune a shrub, tie a piece of string after your first cut, you can then use the position of the string to check the length of branches or shoots for your next cuts.
      4. Weeding can be difficult but with some initial sighted assistance, you may be able to learn to recognise common weeds by smell and touch.
      5. Using bright markers can help with identifying the position of your plants.
      6. When using canes or stakes it is a good idea to put something over the end to avoid injury when bending to the plant, for example a cork or foam ball.
      7. If you need to space plants, you can use a piece of string with knots at the distance required. This can also help you keep straight lines if pegged down .A bamboo cane lying on the soil can also help with this.
      8. Bright red rope being used as a marker across a large area of soil.Using pots and containers can make it easier to locate and maintain your plants.
      9. Think about colours and contrast in the garden regarding plants, edging, fencing, garden furniture and surfaces.
      10. Choose plants that add sound, scent, or colour to your garden. Adding sounds and movement with garden ornaments can help with finding your way around and enjoying your garden.
A selection of small plants are in a narrow flower bed between a paved edge and a bright white edge of a wall. There are some plants on a tray in pots.

If you are new to gardening or want to re-design the layout of your garden, ‘Thrive’ is an organisation that provides a range of advice and guidance on how to garden for health and wellbeing and have lots of guides on how to overcome barriers to gardening. They can help with planning pathways and flower beds, tools and equipment and seed sowing.

They offer gardening advice by telephone, email or post or you can visit their website : there is a section for people who have sight loss.

If you would like more information on any of these tips and tricks, our Community Sight Loss Advisors are always happy to help.

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