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More and more people are enjoying podcasts – accessed through a smart speaker, smart phone or computer.  They can be a rich source of information and support as well as entertainment.  But there are so many podcasts out there, so if you fancy a listen, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

You can find all these podcasts and more on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon music and Audible

Working Blind – Shares the stories of blind people, their journey into a career and the successes and challenges they have experienced throughout their lives. The latest episode includes an interview with Kevin from Thomas Pocklington Trust – a great supporter of our work.

Blind Guy Talks Tech – All about accessing the latest technology

Blind Abilities – Another technology podcast with success stories

Legally Blind – Hosted by a partially sighted musician swapping notes with other creative professionals who have visual impairments.

Making Technology Work for You – Devices that can help
  • Communication and technology tags

Making Technology Work for You – Devices that can help

Practically every new phone, tablet or computer has built-in accessibility functions which can make a real difference to people with sight loss. Read this brief summary of some of the devices which can help.

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