Is social media worthwhile?

Find out some of the upsides of social media.

What is social media?

Social media is electronic communication that happens over the internet either on a website or an app. People share text, photos, videos, and comment and interact with each other. The most popular social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Tik Tok.

Is social media worthwhile?

Social media often gets a bad rap with assumptions that it is just a way to fill time with meaningless content. But is this the full story? While many people are using social media purely for entertainment, others are sharing useful information and perspectives.

Social media accounts to explore

Some social media accounts are positive contributors to the blind and partially sighted community. They offer helpful insights into the emotional aspects of sight loss, practical tips, and showcase new technologies.

These accounts don’t shy away from the very real difficulties encountered when living with sight loss, but do share how living a meaningful, independent, and fun life is possible.

“I believe finding blind and partially sighted people online played an important role in me developing a positive outlook around being visually impaired.”

Additionally, social media can be a great way to stay connected to family and friends and meet new people with shared interests. So being digitally connected in a world where people often feel disconnected or isolated can be a wonderful thing.


British Accounts

Lucy Edwards YT IG TW TT FB

Lucy’s motto in life is that she is blind, not broken. Her educational videos prove that having a disability doesn’t have to hold you back.

Claire Sisk YT IG TW TT FB

Claire uses social media to challenge misconceptions about sight loss and to share tips for navigating life as a blind or partially sighted person. She uses humour to educate and to break down barriers.

Claire Sisk is wearing black and standing agains a white wall outside, She has her cane Rick held in front of her.

Holly Tuke IG

Holly, who has been blind since birth, started her blog, Life of a Blind Girl, in 2015 to illuminate what it’s like to be a young woman with sight loss.  She was named one of the most influential disabled people in the UK.

Dr Amit Patel @BlindDad TW

An A&E doctor who lost his sight suddenly and is now a disability rights campaigner. He has written a book about himself and his guide dog ‘Kika and Me’.

Emily Davison YT IG TW TT FB

Likes to talk style, beauty and lifestyle; the other side of her channel covers sight loss, chronic illness, and her guide dog.

American / Canadian Accounts

Molly Burke YT IG TW TT FB

An upbeat vlogger who often talks about makeup and fashion. She also makes very personal videos about the emotional challenges of living as a blind person.

Tommy Edison YT IG TW TT FB

Tommy was born blind and uses humour to answer the most popular questions about living without sight. He takes on challenges that allow him to experience things for the first time.


A blind mother shares tips about living joyfully with blindness.

James Rath jamesrath.ia YT IG TW FB

A filmmaker, accessibility activist and speaker who talks about accessible technology.

Derek Daniel YT IG FB

Derek is dedicated to helping people discover life after sight loss. Derek provides encouragement, product reviews, life advice, how to’s and much more!

Derek Daniel is wearing a pale blue striped tshirt. He has headphones on and is speaking into a large microphone.

Dan Mancina IG

An inspirational blind skateboarder.

Accessing Social Media

If you are interested in becoming more digitally connected and feel you would benefit from some support in learning how to use technology please get in touch, we can help you.

RNIB also have a very useful guide to accessing social media  – search Guide to accessible social media on their website.