Visually Impaired awareness document to use at hospital

If it is helpful to let hospital staff know of your visual impairment you can print this document and have it on display near your bed..

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Sometimes it is helpful to let those around you know about your visual impairment and inform them of your needs. It can be tiring to repeatedly explain things , especially if you are ill and admitted to hospital. Therefore, we have created a document for you to display during your hospital stay.

You can print and laminate the document using the provided links below. We offer versions with both white and yellow backgrounds. This document can be placed near your hospital bed or attached to the end of the bed. If you need assistance, Sight Support can print and laminate it for you.

If hospital staff have any concerns about the document or if you encounter any issues, please do let us know.

Word document with white background:

A4 doc for hospitals (DOCX, 30 KB)

PDF with white background:

A4 doc for hospitals – white background.pdf (PDF, 32 KB)

PDF with yellow background:

A4 doc for hospitals – yellow background.pdf (PDF, 32 KB)