Safeguarding Children, Young People and Adults Policy

We recognise that the welfare of all children, young people and adults at risk is paramount

Policy Statement

We recognise that the welfare of all children, young people and adults at risk is paramount and that all have equal rights of protection. We have a duty of care when they are in our charge and we will do everything we can to provide a safe and caring environment whilst they attend our activities.
We will:
✓ treat everyone with respect and celebrate their achievements,
✓ carefully recruit and select all staff whether paid or unpaid,
✓ respond to concerns and allegations appropriately.

When there are concerns about the welfare of any child, young person or adult at risk, all responsible adults in our organisation are expected to share those concerns, without delay, with the Safeguarding Lead (or the Deputy, if the Lead is unavailable).
This policy has been approved by our board of trustees and is reviewed and updated annually. The policy is published and promoted to all staff, paid or unpaid, through induction, training and supervision.

Policy Aim

As members of SAFE, we aim at all times to attain best safeguarding practice throughout all our activities with children, young people, adults at risk, their parents, carers and/or families. We endeavour to provide a safe and friendly environment and celebrate all achievements. We will achieve this by adhering strictly to this policy, guidance and risk assessments. Our organisation holds current Public Liability Insurance which covers all our activities.

Lead and Deputy for Safeguarding

Our Lead for Safeguarding is Mike Silvey, CEO.
Our Deputy is Glenda Prall, Head of Services.
Their role is to oversee and ensure that our safeguarding policy, which includes eSafety, is fully implemented and that we attain SAFE standards.
Their responsibilities are:
✓ monitoring and recording concerns
✓ making referrals to social care, or police, as relevant, without delay
✓ liaison with other agencies
✓ arranging training for all staff

Why do we need a Safeguarding Policy?

All organisations that work or come into contact with children, young adults and/or adults at risk need to have safeguarding policies and procedures in place.
Government guidance is clear that all organisations working with children, young people, adults at risk, parents, carers and/or families have responsibilities for safeguarding. It is important to remember that children, young people and adults at risk can also abuse and that such incidents fall into the remit of this policy.
To undertake these responsibilities:
• our senior managers and Board of Trustees have committed to safeguarding
• we are clear about people’s responsibilities and accountability
• we have a culture of listening to children, young people and adults at risk
• we undertake safer recruitment practices for all staff and volunteers working with children & young people and adults at risk
• we have procedures for safeguarding children and adults at risk
• we have procedures for dealing with allegations against, and concerns about any staff
• we make sure staff, paid and unpaid, have mandatory induction and further safeguarding training, supervision, reviews and support
• we have agreements about working with other organisations and agencies

Definition of a child/young person

A child is anyone who has not yet reached their 18th birthday.

Definition of an adult at risk

An adult at risk is a person over the age of 18 years and is:
• having needs for care and support, and;
• experiencing, or is at risk of, abuse and neglect and;
• as a result of those care needs, is unable to protect themselves from either the risk of, or the experience of abuse or neglect.